Carolina van Haperen

Competencies: ACT, Mindfulness Yoga, Physiosocial Therapy

Level: Mindfulness

Days: Mondays and Private Lessons by appointment

About me:I am a licensed and certified Mindfulness & ACT trainer, Psychosocial therapist and coach. This is my main profession, and am affiliated with VMBN (cat. 1), LVPW, RBCZ & SCAG. The affiliations can provide coverage with your insurance.
It is my intention to help my clients to discover tools and skills so that they can manage their lives more mindful and meaningful. Finding balance in a busy live, and engaging with that what makes them happy, healthy and connected with others. 
Besides the above I am also a Aikido instructor (5th dan aikikai) in Amsterdam, and running my own Aikido school.

Class Specialty: MBCT, MBSR, ACT, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness, stress & burnout prevention & recovery, Solution Focused therapy