Yoga Nidra

21 October 2019 | EventsWellnessYogaYoga-knowledge


17 November 16:30 – 17:45

Location: Shiva Hall, Shiva Yoga Center

Price: €15 per class

Level of Difficult: Suitable for all Levels

Yoga Nidra or Yogic sleep is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. The roots of yoga Nidra comes from the traditional tantric practice of nyasa. It is a powerful meditation technique, often referred to as deep relaxation with inner awareness.

Yoga Nidra takes you down into a deep brain-wave state in which the body is completely relaxed, and the practitioner becomes systematically and increasingly aware of the inner world by following a set of verbal instructions. This systematic meditation takes you through the ‘pancha maya kosha’ (five layers of self), leaving you with a sense of wholeness.

In Yoga Nidra, the state of relaxation is reached by turning inwards, away from outer experiences. If the counsciousness can be seperated from external awareness and from sleep, it becomes very powerful. In this threshold state between sleep and wakefulness, contact with the subconscious and unconscious dimensions occurs spontaneously.

Yoga Nidra offers a space to explore what you need in the moment, as well as an opportunity to work on releasing long-held emotions. This deeply relaxing practice can be used to open up the deeper aspects of the mind.


  • Creates space for connection with yourself and overall wellbeing
  • Harmonizes the deeper unconscious and awaken inner potential
  • Promotes deep rest, relaxation and healing
  • Calms nervous system and reduces stress
  • Improves functioning of endocrine system
  • Decreases anxiety, depression & improves mood
  • Improves sleeping
  • Develops the memory
  • Enhances learning process in education
  • Increases creativity
  • Transforms one’s nature

Yoga Nidra is suitable for everyone and all levels of practitioners. It is practiced in Shavasana (corpse pose) pose, lying on the floor and takes approx. 40-45 minutes. The whole session will take 1,5 hrs. We will start the session talking about the theory of Yoga Nidra and then we will do some gentle warm up exercises before starting the actual Yoga Nidra practice. Please wear comfortable and warm clothes. You can bring a thin blanket to cover yourself to keep your body warm during Yoga Nidra.