A Taste of Yin & Yang Workshop by DivyaBeste – 9th September

As we settle into stillness, our yin aspects of being-our contemplative, receptive qualities are also enhanced. Yin creates environment and space for not only our physical body but mentally and emotionally. This practice has therapeutic effects on many levels and layers. by cultivating mindfulness about self and embracing self as is.’  -Sarah Powers Location: Shiva Yoga […]

Mindfulness Meditation and Breathing Techniques – 16th September

‘Mindfulness Meditation & Breathing techniques’ is a 2,5 hour workshop that consist of theory and practice. This workshop will help you learn about foundations of mindfulness and to look within with more clarity. You will reconnect with your true essence and find your inner balance, strength and peace. The 6 breathing techniques will help you […]


15th of July at Shiva Yoga Center, an Iyengar Yoga master class by the master. Join Tanya for a 3 hour workshop on twists. Register now!!!

NEW!!! YIN YOGA / RESTORATIVE YOGA Thursday 10.30-11.45

This yoga class for all levels is a slow-paced sequence introduction of yoga postures including light twists, seated forward folds, standing / balancing poses and gentle backbends. Yoga props such as chairs, blankets and blocks are used to assist and hold the poses. Body alignment and breathing techniques will be emphasized in a detailed manner […]


Sthira Sukham Asanam

Before I left for the ashram I saw this billboard above. It will be professional deformation, but it immediately reminded me of an important part of yoga: how do you stand. Naturally that reflects directly in the daily life: how do you stand in life, what do you stand for, what is your foundation, do […]