Date: 17th June 2019

Time: 18:30 – 20:00

Location: Shakti Hall, Shiva Yoga Center

Price: €10

The full moon meditation is an opportunity to come together to meditate in a group and harness the powerful energies of the full moon in our lives.

During the full moon, maximum amount of energy from the sun is reflected upon the earth. Depending on which astrological sign the sun is in during that particular full moon, the moon will reflect that energy. At the events, we will pay special attention to this and discuss what it signifies and how we can use this to our benefit.

Our theme for the full moon events is ‘grow your inner light’. The sheer vastness of the energy that is available to us during the full moon, facilitates the practitioner to connect with his or her true inner self on a much deeper level and meditating in a group definitely helps that process along. It is through this deepened connection that the practitioner is able to experience an ever increasing presence of the soul within; thereby growing the inner light.

We will also talk about some practical tips on how we can apply these powerful energies in our daily lives – by blessing our families, our loved ones, our goals, our projects, our jobs, our collogues and the world around us.

The meditation will be facilitated by Keshen Mathura and supported by Mausam Meghani. Keshen and Mausam is a husband and wife team that started Transform Your Life with a vision to increase awareness about ‘the subtle world of energy’. Everything is energy and when used intelligently, the process can be truly transformational.

The Full Moon meditations are a collaboration between Shiva Yoga Centre and Transform Your Life.