As we settle into stillness, our yin aspects of being-our contemplative, receptive qualities are also enhanced. Yin creates environment and space for not only our physical body but mentally and emotionally. This practice has therapeutic effects on many levels and layers. by cultivating mindfulness about self and embracing self as is.’  -Sarah Powers

Location: Shiva Yoga Center, Lindenlaan 75, Amstelveen

Date: 9 September 2018, Sunday- 14.00-16.30

Teacher: Divya Beste Dolanay.

Price: €40* (€35 if purchased along with Mindfulness Workshop planned for 16th September)

Max capacity of 15 persons so book your spot NOW!!!

Email or to book your spot


‘A Taste of Yin & Yang Yoga’ is a 2,5 hour workshop, which is suitable for all levels. This workshop consists of theory and practice.  It will help you learn about Yin & Yang Yoga in depth and will give you the opportunity to experience the effects on physical, mental and emotional levels while practising the Yin & Yang yoga poses

We will start the workshop with a short guided mindfulness meditation practice, then we will talk about the theory of Yin & Yang Yoga. After having a short break, we will go on with the Yang practice to warm up and then start practicing the 10 essential Yin Yoga poses.




This workshop will consist of the following;

  • What is Yin & Yang yoga?
  • Aim and benefits of Yin Yoga-connective tissue, fascia and joints
  • Unique anatomy-internal and external orientation
  • The difference between tension and compression, duration of poses, using props
  • Chi, the life force and how it can be stimulated
  • Meridens, the energy channels and how they are connected to internal organs and emotions
  • Basic Yang yoga sequences
  • 10 essential Yin yoga poses and the target areas
  • Meditative aspect of Yin Yoga

Please come with comfortable clothes, as most part of the workshop will consist of practice. For more information and/or your questions about the workshop please contact