The practice of yoga during pregnancy awakens the natural intelligence of your body, to help you through both physical and psychological changes that occur.It is an excellent way to tone your muscles, increase your stamina and improve circulation. You will learn to relax and release tension through breathing for a smooth pregnancy and an easy labour.

Benefits of yoga during pregnancy:

  1. Eases morning sickness and back pain
  2. Preparation for labour through deep breathing and calmness
  3. More strength, flexibility and endurance
  4. Improves sleep and reduces stress
  5. Lowers risk of intrauterine growth restriction (condition that slows the baby’s growth)
  6. Meet other like minded Mamas
  7. And most importantly, connect with yourself and your baby

Burcin Ozyurek  is a certified Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga teacher. An experienced teacher and a mother herself will guide you through the 5 week course to ensure yours and your baby get the best out of it.